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Tariffs :

The pilotage tariffs are fixed by a decree by the Prefect, the Representant of the French Government, tariffs are recommended by an annual commercial meeting presided by the President of the commercial court.
These tariffs are based on the cubic meters volume of the vessel.(Length x Beam x Tropical draft ) and cover the expenses of the pilot station for the service. It could vary, depending on the following factors :
- For every sector of the passage being guided, starting from the entrance of the passes of the lagoon in the North and in the East, to the three ports :LONGONI, DZAOUDZI and MAMOUDZOU.
- All manoeuvers including berthing, unberthing, or mooring to a buoy or ship to ship.

The tariffs will be increased :
- When pilotage takes place at nighttime between 18h00 and 06h00.
- When vessels do not conform to marine security standards.

Underneath is an example (tarification 01/01/2001) of three typical vessels. The time spent aboard by the pilots and the distances made aboard the pilot boat taken into account, make it possible to calculate the cost of the pilotage. The Pilot Office delivers all invoices proforma after the Company had been identified.

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