Harbour services :

longoni port

The ports of Mayotte or the Mini Hub of the Western Indian Ocean.

The ports of Mayotte are spread over three different areas. LONGONI has two berths. MAMOUDZOU and DZAOUDZI offer excellent anchorages. Remarkable shelter is the result of natural protection by the coral reef.

The tidal range is 4 meters during spring tide, but access is possible at all tides for vessels up to 12 meters draft. During the past 20 years only two cyclones have disrupted the tranquility of our waters.

With 470 000 MT of traffic in 2004, the ports received more than 300 merchant ships.

The traffic includes nuclear war submarine, cruise ships, container vessels and oil tankers, without forgetting cement carriers, fishing boats and scientific research vessels.

The Mayotte lagoon is without a doubt the recommended stopover for all vessels sailing in the Mozambique channel due to the versatile sites which offer a wide range of safety anchorages.

Our island is medically well equipped. There are daily connections with Europe. Cellular phones are used. All companies working in the shipping departments are connected to Internet.

Well-known international companies like C.M.A. - C.G.M. - DELMAS - D.A.L - M.S.C. - MER AUSTRAL - insure the regular lines to and from Europe, South Africa and Asia. The Longoni port handles transhipment from the West coast of Madagascar and the Comores Archipelago.

Statistics concerning the flow of merchandise are available.